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Centerview was a multimillion-dollar renovation to the exterior plaza to incorporate safe outdoors common spaces, bicycle storage, quality restaurants, and more. The plaza includes a total of about 60,000 square feet, and an adjacent six-level parking structure located in the heart of the Orange County Airport area submarket in Irvine, CA. The overall outdoor plaza is approximately 33,000 square feet with a large 15,000 square-foot open water feature, totaling more than 50,000 square feet of open space. The newly renovated plaza offers a mix of soft seating, accent furniture and a variety of shade control, from retractable umbrellas to fixed shade elements. The goal of the project was to create an iconic destination, provide flexible open spaces for both office tenants and restaurants with fresh air and sunshine, and to utilize and engage the unique water feature and surrounding restaurants, as well as to enhance the collaborative and open space environment for an ever-changing commercial market. In addition to the common daytime use, the plaza is also enhanced with dramatic nighttime accent lighting for extended use and function. RHA was the lead Architect for this project while working in close collaboration with the Landscape Architect: LandCreative, Inc.

Irvine, CA