Architectural Services


Inspired by the programmatic requirements, site characteristic and context, every project is an integration of expertise and the client’s vision, needs and goals. RHA offers a complete range of design and technical services for new commercial developments, renovations and interiors.

Our commercial interior services offer all project aspects from design, furnishings, finishes and equipment selections and construction administration.


In addition to our unique design practice, RHA maintains open contracts and relationships with more than 40 individual consulting engineering firms. It is in these various expert consultants which RHA methodically selects and oversees the appropriate design team through the development of the project.

Planning + Development

RHA services for space planning, site planning, and development define in great detail what existing foundations are viable and useful and what features will need expansion or new development. Our studies address all functions, uses, activities, personnel, and expandable rights as well as other specific and unique needs of the site. RHA also factors complications that can arise in topographic grades, environmental elements, utilities, infrastructure, adjacent facilities, site layout, site access and the impact of interior space planning.

Consultation + Analysis Studies

RHA provides numerous consultation services and comprehensive studies of proposed sites and surrounding perimeters. Such studies prove useful to define and analyze existing conditions, age and economic status of neighboring businesses and residential areas.

Our combined experience with retail, restaurant, hospitality, office, commercial and resident community properties, sustains our level of expertise and consult practice methods.


RHA has extensive knowledge of the entitlement process as it relates to various governing jurisdictions. With our experience and knowledge our record accounts for hundreds of planning entitlements processed throughout most California jurisdictions. In addition to these local governing agencies, RHA has also successfully processed a great number of entitlements through foreign state agencies across the United States.

Permit Processing

In addition to RHA’s extensive background to process entitlements, we extend equal success in our permit processing practices throughout California, expanding to foreign states and governing jurisdictions across the United States. We take every action to ensure timely and appropriate submissions are well managed through each stage of permitting through to completion; while keeping our Clients well informed of our progress and effects to the schedule.

Graphics + Branding

RHA performs a variety of graphic services attributed to brand identity for interior, exterior and environmental graphics, signage, print and web graphics, uniforms, and more. The project vision is coalesced through the integration of architecture and graphics. This unified visual identity communicates the brand while creating and enhancing an emotional connection with the end-user.

Landlord + Tenancy

We offer extensive Landlord and Tenant services including but not limited by the following: Tenant Design Criteria to include, design reviews, manuals, and implementation of interior or exterior Signage, Cart & Kiosk modules, space cuts and reconfigurations.

Our assisted Tenant Coordination efforts are favorably received given our expertise with leasing documents and well managed meetings between Landlords, Tenants and Tenant Architects.

Construction Administration

With complete understanding of the Construction Administration phase of a project, the Architect is serving as the Owner’s Expert Referral and is designated to represent the Owner in regards to technical and contractual issues which may arise in construction. It is only by empowering the Architect, that an Owner can ensure proper representation and protection.


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