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Country Club

Robinson Hill Architecture, Inc. provided architectural and design services for the Country Club restaurant, located in Costa Mesa, CA.

Although the project would be mostly ground-up construction, preserving the steeply raked two-story A-frame roofline running the total depth of the building, was a significant part of the new configuration. Owners Mario Marovic and Andrew Gabriel wanted this detail preserved as the focal point in the design, reminiscent to the decades of memories shared by the community since the restaurant was first built in 1953. Other original characteristics would also be saved but improved in the new design; such as exposing the vaulted ceiling beams and rafters and replacing the closed off solid section of the front wall with glass revealing the iconic roofline to the street

The new construction expanded the project to nearly 6,000sf with the addition of a large state-of-the-art kitchen and service areas. The restaurant also features a stage for live entertainment with spacious dance floor. The additional dining on the extended covered patio has intimate sections with an outdoor fireplace and large bi-folding doors allowing an open and seamless transition to and from the patio.

Costa Mesa, CA