Architectural journeys prove to be educational

February 5, 2019

February 5, 2019

To travel is to make a journey; but what would a journey be, if the traveler doesn’t grow through it? Wouldn’t that equal just moving from one place to the other, without really gathering a thing? It certainly would. And when we are talking about traveling to explore architecture, it becomes imperative that an architecture student must learn that traveling becomes analogous to growing in their world. In the following few paragraphs, we would discuss more why it is necessary to travel if you are into architecture and how to make your travel count in the simplest of ways.

It is known that every architectural masterpiece has an innate essence and an aura, that a person can feel while standing in its chambers or while absorbing the magnificence, in person. For aspiring architects, it is necessary that they understand what it is to observe the intricacies of a work, which might easily get overlooked if we try and explore the same through a video or some photographs. Traveling, for them, is much more than just an experience; it is more like understanding the transition of spaces: how one space segues into the other.

During travel, it is innate to meet people native to a place. Who could be better to know a place, the virtues and the demerits of a place than the people who inhabit it?! There is a vast amount of knowledge that can be extracted from those people itself, about the comforts and discomforts that the place has been providing them with, over the years. They could also tell about the factors to be altered to provide them a better lifestyle, allowing expanding the horizons of what is present. It can also be summed up as celebrating past or tradition while keeping in mind the present needs and the technology now available, and how it can be used to make places even more appealing and comfortable for the benefactors. Talking about benefactors, who are the most affected parts of any deal, each one of them has a different activity pattern set for throughout the day which they find comfortable. Traveling gives, to the architects, an insight into the lifestyles of various people; and thus, observing that proves beneficial in making an artwork humane centric while giving a sense of direction to thoughts on how to vary the present design for a future one.